Hello you.

Welcome to little corner of the internet. It’s a mess, sorry about that.

While you’re here, here’s some things you might not know about me.

I didn’t always want to be a writer. In fact, for a long time I really didn’t want to be one. I would melodramatically flounce around telling everyone I’d rather die than write. Reader, I’m nothing if not perverse. I knew I had to escape my wordy fate so I flitted from patisserie to private banking recruitment to black truffle dealing before becoming a mozzarella hustler for a food wholesaler. Here, I learned how to sell the sizzle of the Italian sausage. Here, I started my writing career with snappy copy on jam jar stickers. I couldn’t help myself, they were too boring and I was on commission. I can’t resist a hustle, I like money. So, I got better, sold more, then struck out on my own. No contacts and no clue. I don’t do anything the easy way.

Fast forward five years freelancing, I now head up words as Lead Writer and Strategist at B&B Studio. It’s been a strange and wonderful journey, supported by the excellent writing organisation 26, and many brilliant freelancers I met along the way.

Outside of writing, I can mostly be found travelling around Eastern Europe, hunting down strange ingredients or learning obscure languages like Armenian. Language is a strange, wonderful, vibrant, alive thing. It twists, changes, never stands still. No matter what language you speak, or hold dear, your words matter. Treat your own with care, because what you have to say matters too.

If you want to talk nerdy to me, find me on Twitter. I mostly tweet about being very cheeky with my clients, food, slavic linguistics and video games. The good things in life.

Tara for now.